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Led T8 Fluorescent tube lighting Circuit Connect Diagram

Before installing the LED tube: Disconnect power to the light for safety.
Wiring the fixture to use the LED tube is simple, but should be performed by a qualified person.

Ballast and Starter must be Bypassed or Removed.

The two pins at each end of the LED bulb are connected together. Simply apply one side of the 120 Volts AC to one end of the Tube (either pin) and the other side of the 120Volts AC to the other end.

Under no conditions: DO NOT connect power (Positive & Negative) to the two pins at one end only. If they are connected together (positive/negative): you will create a short circuit!!

So basically you are connecting the Positive at one end of the LED tube and the Common/Negative at the opposite end of the LED tube

The Ballast and the Starter must be Bypassed/Removed.
This is critical that the ballast & starter is bypassed.

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